in handy.” Broken heaters, old clothes, broken towel s, which have long

in handy.” Broken heaters, old clothes, broken towel s, which have long

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Secondly, the escape exercise should be carried out in an orderly manner. On November 6, the teachers and students of the whole school first made clear the requirements and matters needing attention of the escape exercise through the afternoon class, and conducted a pre-exercise during the broadcast exercise time on November 8, so that teachers and students learned to use wet towels correctly, realized the importance of towels in fire escape, but also familiar with the escape route of their location, and mastered some knowledge of fire safety and methods of self-protection and self-rescue. So as to improve the ability to deal with emergencies. Teacher Huang Yan, director of moral education, made a brief summary of the pre-exercise, pointed out some problems existing in the exercise, and asked the broad masses of teachers and students to establish a high level of safety awareness in their daily study and life, and put safety prevention work in the first place. Due to the rain on November 9, the second formal meeting was not held. Rehearsal.

Basically, when you throw something out, you will encounter your mother blocking and scolding: “one day it will come in handy.” Broken heaters, old clothes, broken towels, which have long been useless, are stuffed in the corners of the house.

Sweating or towel wiping will reduce the effect of sunscreen, repeated application is not to get new protection, but to maintain the effect of sunscreen any care products, or even just water, as long as covered on the sunscreen will affect the function of sunscreen, so you must apply sunscreen after swimming or sweating.

The first aid of ⑶ for fracture patients. For those with fractures, first use towels or clothes as cushions, and then use sticks, boards, bamboo pieces and other materials to make temporary splints, fix the injured limbs, and take them to the hospital. For the extruded limbs, do not massage, hot compress or tie the cable skin, so as not to aggravate the injury.

1. To develop good personal hygiene habits, cut your nails frequently, wash your hands before and after meals, and strictly prohibit rubbing your eyes with dirty hands. two。 In the popular period, public faucets, elevator handrails, door handles, telephones, appliances, toys, etc., should pay attention to disinfection; wash your hands after touching the computer keyboard, do not rub your eyes or rub your face, especially those who use the public keyboard. 3. Do not share towels or personal hygiene products with others, wash your face and hands with running water, and do not come into contact with facial washing utensils, handkerchiefs and medical appliances used by patients. 4. Do not share eye drugs, eye cosmetics and other drugs or products that may contact the eyes with others, and do not use collective eye drops to prevent eye diseases. 5. Maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your eyes. It is best not to touch your eyes with your hands.

Dai dress is beautiful and elegant, middle-aged women often wear a bun on the top of their head, wrapped in a headscarf, and young girls often put flowers or silk flowers in a bun. The blouse is a light-colored tight waist-to-waist jacket with a long slim skirt with a wide variety of designs, red and green satin belts or silver belts, gold and silver earrings and bracelets, and boat-shaped embroidered shoes. I often wear homemade bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots and hats when I go out. Dressed girl, graceful and graceful. The man wrapped his head with a white towel in a circle, hanging a corner above his right ear for decoration, wearing a white dress and black trousers at the bottom.

(4) to educate young children to pay attention to eye safety and hygiene. Preschool teachers should teach young children not to rub their eyes with their hands, use special towels and handkerchiefs, wash their hands and faces with flowing water to prevent trachoma and conjunctivitis, and educate young children not to play with dangerous substances that may hurt their eyes and prevent eye trauma.

Among all radiators, toilet radiators are special. Why would you say that? In addition to normal heating, the toilet radiator is also responsible for placing items, towels and other tasks. Bathroom is different from living room, bedroom these places, dark and damp, even some bathrooms do not even have windows, more need bathroom heating anticorrosive and durable. The general area of the bathroom is not too large, so the volume of the toilet radiator can not take up too much space. Then how to choose and install the bathroom radiator in order to be convenient and easy to use? Editor to analyze one by one:

External use of calamine lotion Wuji ointment Eloxone dermatitis equality ointment for anti-itching and anti-allergy. Can be applied many times a day, after each application can be rubbed for a while, to promote skin absorption; at the same time to avoid baby scratching, so as not to cause skin damage. Use cold water or ice for cold compress (wrapped with towels), or wash the bitten area with alkaline soap solution, which can make the local skin vasoconstriction, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing swelling and relieving itching.

Swimming quick-drying towels, soft and skin-friendly, not easy to pilling, bring you comfortable feel, water absorption and quick-drying, intelligent UV detector, intelligent sunscreen, high-quality printing, not easy to fade, beauty and strength!

At breakfast time, the children have a table for two, with a partition in the middle, and eat breakfast in batches. Teachers guide the children to wash their hands before meals, and each child is equipped with a sterilized towel to ensure the safety and hygiene of the meal.